Distributed Cognition

,Distributed Cognition,Distributing cognition,distributed cognitions,distribute cognition,distributive cognition

Distributed Cognition
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Stemming Variations: Distributing cognition, distributed cognitions, distribute cognition, distributive cognition
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    • Distributed cognition is a framework for analysing collaborative work. It focuses on interactions between people, between people and their environment and between people and artefacts that are created and manipulated in the course of doing work, and it emphasises information flow and information transformation. Analyses conducted using the distributed cognition framework highlight breakdowns and potential problem areas in the collaborative work being studied; distributed cognition has been used to study a wide variety of collaborative work situations...

    Helen Sharpet al. A Distributed Cognition Account of Mature XP Teams

    • Distributed cognition is a theoretical approach that is concerned with the interactions between people, artifacts and both internal and external representations. Rather than focusing exclusively on an individual's internal cognitive processes, that traditional cognitive approaches do, it focuses on the processes that take place in an extended 'cognitive system'...

    Yvonne Rogers. Distributed Cognition and Communication

    • Distributed cognition is a theoretical and methodological framework that considers social groups, their artifacts, and their contexts as a single cognitive entity working towards the solution of a shared problem...

    Jorge Arandaet al. Distributed cognition in software engineering research: Can it be made...

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