Duplicate Detection

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Duplicate Detection
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    • Duplicate detection is the process of identifying multiple representations of a same real-world object in a data source. Duplicate detection is a problem of critical importance in many applications, including customer relationship management, personal information management, or data mining...

    Melanie Weiset al. Industry-scale duplicate detection

    • Duplicate detection is an expensive operation of disk-based model checkers. It consists of comparing some potentially new states, the candidate states, to previous visited states...

    Sami Evangelista. Dynamic Delayed Duplicate Detection for External Memory Model Checking

    • Duplicate detection is the problem of detecting different entries in a data source representing the same real-world entity. While research abounds in the realm of duplicate detection in relational data, there is yet little work for duplicates in other, more complex data models, such as XML...

    Melanie Weiset al. DogmatiX tracks down duplicates in XML

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