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Duty Cycle
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    • Duty-cycling is an appealing solution for energy savings in densely deployed, energy-constrained wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Indeed, several applications, such as intruder detection and tracking, require the design of k-covered WSNs, which are densely in nature and where each location in a monitored field is covered (or sensed) by at least k active sensors. With duty-cycling, sensors can be turned on or off according to a scheduling protocol, thus reducing the number of active sensors required to k-cover a field and helping all sensors deplete their energy slowly and uniformly...

    Habib M. Ammariet al. Clustering-Based Minimum Energy Wireless m Connected k Covered Sensor ...

    • Duty cycle is the proportion of time a device is active. Therefore, based on the duty cycle specification, application (implemented using the device) execution can be modeled as alternate active and inactive phases. For FPGAs, during inactive phases, energy is dissipated due to leakage current and clock signal distribution. If the duration of the inactive phases is significantly larger than that of the active phases, optimizing energy dissipation during inactive phases contributes significantly towards the overall energy efficiency...

    Sumit Mohantyet al. Duty Cycle Aware Application Design using FPGAs

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