Electric Power System

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Electric Power System - EPS
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    • Electric power system (EPS) expansion is a complicated multi-stage process that adjusts decisions on generation expansion from stage to stage (1). Liberalization of electric power systems considerably changes and sophisticates conditions of sol ving expansion problems and their contents. Coordination of subjects' interests who participate in substantiating and making decisions on expansion of EPSs and specific electric power installations is a key problem...

    N. I. Voropaiet al. A Game Model for Electric Power System Expansion Planning in the Liber...

    • The electric power system is an enabling infrastructure that supports the operation of other critical infrastructures and thus the economic well-being of a nation. It is, therefore, very important to design for resiliency and autonomous reconfigurability in the electric power grid to guard against manmade and natural disasters. One way to assure such self-healing characteristics in an electric power system is to design for small and autonomous subsets of the larger grid...

    Saifur Rahmanet al. Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power Systems (IDAPS)

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