Executive Function

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Executive Function - EF
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    • Executive functioning is an umbrella term for several related cognitive functions like selectiveand sustained attention, working memory, and inhibition. Little is known about the stability of executive functioning during childhood. In this study the longitudinal stability of executive functioning was examined in young twins. The twin design enables to investigate genetic and environmental contributions to (the stability of) executive functioning...

    Tinca J. C. Poldermanet al. Genetic analyses of the stability of executive functioning during chil...

    • 'Executive function' is an umbrella term for functions such as planning, working memory, impulse control, inhibition and mental flexibility, as well as for the initiation and monitoring of action. The primacy of executive dysfunction in autism is a topic of much debate, as are recent attempts to examine subtypes of executive function within autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders that are considered to implicate frontal lobe function. This article will review cognitive behavioural studies of planning, mental flexibility and inhibition in autism...

    Elisabeth L. Hill. Executive dysfunction in autism

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