Frequency Modulated

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Frequency Modulated - FM
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    • Frequency modulation (FM) spectroscopy is a new method of optical heterodyne spectroscopy capable of sensitive and rapid measurement of the absorption or dispersion associated with narrow spectral features...

    G. C. Bjorklundet al. Frequency modulation (FM) spectroscopy

    • Frequency modulation (FM) spectroscopy is a very sensitive technique for measuring very small interactions. It was originally proposed as a method for locking a microwave source to a cavity [192] but was later extended to optical carrier frequencies by Bjorklund in the early 1980s [24]. Applications of FM spectroscopy include trace molecular detection, Raman spectroscopy, combustion control, fluorescence spectroscopy, process monitoring, and laser stabilization [41, 86, 148, 153]...

    Jungsang Kimet al. Sub-Shot-Noise FM Spectroscopy

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