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Geometric Model
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    • The geometric model is an essential element of the design description. It is an abstract representation of the form and size of the object that serves as a medium of communication. The geometric model must hold sufficient information to answer all questions about form and size. The traditional engineering drawing was developed for and has served this function...

    William Luts. Geometric modeling technology

    • Geometric modeling is a central issue in developing a data base to support integrated engineering design. Current approaches to modeling the geometry of structural assemblies have many drawbacks when applied to design...

    Kirk Martiniet al. Geometric modeling requirements for structural design

    • Geometric Modeling is a widely studied area in computer graphics and methods for constructing 3D models with intuitive interfaces are a topic that has been attracting the interest of many researches. In contrast to the complicated interfaces of modeling softwares, created using the WIMP paradigm (Window, Icon, Menu, Pointer), several studies have shown applications with interfaces based on gestures, which are simpler and more natural. In this scenario, the area of Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM) emerged...

    Leandro M. Cruzet al. A sketch on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

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