,Glucose Oxidase,glucose oxidases

Glucose Oxidase
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    • Glucose oxidase (GOX) from Aspergillus niger is a well-characterised glycoprotein consisting of two identical 80-kDa subunits with two FAD co-enzymes bound...

    Chun Ming Wonget al. Glucose oxidase: natural occurrence, function, properties and industri...

    • Glucose oxidase (EC is the most widely employed enzyme as analytical reagent. This is the result of (1) its utility in the determination of glucose, an analyte of wide analytical interest, and (2) its relatively low cost and good stability that make the glucose/glucose oxidase system a very convenient model for method development (particularly in the area of biosensors)...

    Julio Rabaet al. Glucose Oxidase as an Analytical Reagent

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