hardware-software codesign

,hardware-software codesign,Hardware Software Codesign,hardware software codesigns

hardware-software codesign
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    • Hardware/software codesign is the main approach to designing the embedded systems. One of the primary steps of the hardware/software codesign is the hardware/software partitioning. A good partitioning scheme is a tradeoff of some constraints, such as power, size, performance, and so on...

    Yiguo Zhanget al. A hardware/software partitioning algorithm based on artificial immune ...

    • Hardware/software codesign is the activity of partitioning an application into a flexible part (software) and a fixed part (hardware). The flexible part includes C programs, configuration data, parameter settings, bitstreams, and so forth. The fixed part consists of programmable components such as microprocessors and coprocessors...

    Patrick R. Schaumont. The Nature of Hardware and Software

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