High Level Architecture

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High Level Architecture - HLA
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    • The High Level Architecture (HLA) is a standardized framework for distributed simulation that promotes reuse and interoperability of simulation components (federates)...

    Gary S. H. Tanet al. HLA Federate Migration

    • The High Level Architecture (HLA) is a standard for the interoperability and reuse of simulation components, referred to as federates...

    Dan Chenet al. A Framework for Robust HLA-based Distributed Simulations

    • The High Level Architecture (HLA) is an IEEE standardsoftware architecture for creating computer models andsimulations in a distributed environment. The currentimplementation assumes a single federation only.Hierarchical Federations Architecture (HFA) is anextension to the HLA. It supports multiple federationsand federates in different federations communicate witheach other through gateway federations...

    Li LIUet al. Improving Data Filtering Accuracy in Hierarchical Federations

    • The High Level Architecture (HLA) is an architecture for reuse and interoperation of simulations. It provides several Data Distribution Management (DDM) services to reduce the transmission and reception of irrelevant data. These services rely on the computation of the intersection between "update" and "subscription" regions...

    Come Raczyet al. A sort-based DDM matching algorithm for HLA

    • The High Level Architecture (HLA) is a reusable software architecture for the development and execution of distributed simulation applications...

    Hui Zhaoet al. Collaborative Virtual Environments: Managing the Shared Spaces

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