Histogram Equalization

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Histogram Equalization - HE
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    • Histogram equalization is a well-known image contrast enhancement method. In practice, however, it often produces images with unnatural appearances and visually disturbing artefacts. One of the reasons for these unwanted effects is that histogram equalization attempts to force the output image to have a uniform pixel distribution regardless of what the original image's pixel distribution may be...

    Jiang Duanet al. Novel histogram processing for color image enhancement

    • Histogram equalization is the common methods used for improving contrast in image processing application. But this technique is not well suited for implementation in consumer electronics such as television as it introduces unnecessary visual deterioration such as the saturation effect. It causes changes in the brightness of the input image. Thus, for the implementation of contrast enhancement it should be able to maintain the original input brightness in the output image. By adapting the input histogram, input brightness can be preserved...

    Lisha Thomaset al. A Histogram Adaptation for Contrast Enhancement

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