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Human Skin
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    • The human skin is an unusual habitat for microorganisms in that it is open to contamination from the environment and yet is largely unsuitable for microbial colonisation, unlike mucosal surfaces. The normal microflora of human skin consists of resident colonising species capable of maintaining a viable, reproducing population on the skin and transient contaminating species that cannot sustain growth in the cutaneous environment. The structure of the skin and physiological factors such as hydration, pH, O2 and growth substrates determine the density and diversity of colonisation...

    R. A. Bojaret al. Review: the human cutaneous microflora and factors controlling colonis...

    • Human skin is a complex tissue consisting of several distinct layers, each consisting of their own components and structure. These several layers can be grouped into four layers, namely: stratum corneum dermis, living epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. The main goal of this work is the development of numerical-experimental procedure to evaluate the elasticity of human skin in vivo...

    J. T. Barbosaet al. Study of Mechanical Properties of Human Skin

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