In Vivo Microdialysis

,In Vivo Microdialysis

In Vivo Microdialysis
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    • In vivo microdialysis (MD) is an innovative clinical technique that has been employed in preclinical research and metabolic studies in patients for more than a decade. Recently, MD has been adopted for human drug studies and has opened up the opportunity to quantify tissue drug distribution in vivo. The particular advantage of MD for the anti-infective field relates to the fact that MD allows for online measurement of the unbound, pharmacologically active drug fraction in the interstitial space fluid (ISF), the anatomically defined target site for most bacterial infections...

    Christian Joukhadaret al. Microdialysis

    • In vivo microdialysis is an established tool for sampling extracellular fluid compartments. However, microdialysis faces the problem that the implantation of the probe damages the microenvironment from which measurements are derived...

    Christian Humpelet al. Increase of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF, FGF2) messenger RNA ...

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