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Innate Immunity
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    • Innate immunity is a specific and organized immunological program engaged by peripheral organs and the CNS to maintain homeostasis after stress and injury. In neurodegenerative disorders, its putative deregulation, featured by inflammation and activation of glial cells resulting from inherited mutations or viral/bacterial infections, likely contributes to neuronal death. However, it remains unclear to what extent environmental factors and innate immunity cooperate to modulate the interactions between the neuronal and non-neuronal elements in the perturbed CNS...

    Minh Dang Nguyenet al. Exacerbation of Motor Neuron Disease by Chronic Stimulation of Innate ...

    • Innate immunity is a primordial system that has a primary role in lung antimicrobial defenses. Recent advances in understanding the recognition systems by which cells of the innate immune system recognize and respond to microbial products have revolutionized the understanding of host defenses in the lungs and other tissues. Theinnateimmunesystemincludeslungleukocytesandalsoepithelial cells lining the alveolar surface and the conducting airways...

    Thomas R. Martinet al. Innate Immunity in the Lungs

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