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Intensive Care Unit - ICU
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    • An intensive care unit (ICU) is an area of a hospital that provides aggressive therapy, using state-of-the-art technology and both invasive and noninvasive monitoring for critically ill and high-risk patients...

    Joseph Varonet al. Approach to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    • The intensive care unit is an important resource for the treatment of patients needing medical and surgical care for complicated diseases. The diversity of diseases and the difference in arrangements between hospitals providing such care have limited the precision of evaluations of intensive care...

    G. Giangiulianiet al. Validation of a severity of illness score (APACHE II) in a surgical in...

    • The Intensive Care Unit is a complex, data-intensive and critical environment in which the adoption of Information Technology is growing. As physicians become more dependent on the computing technology to support decisions, raise real-time alerts and notifications of patient-specific conditions, this software has strong dependability requirements...

    Kristof Steurbautet al. Autonomous Platform for Life-Critical Decision Support in the ICU

    • The intensive care unit is a challenging environment to both patient and caregiver. Continued shortages in staffing, principally in nursing, increase risk to patient and healthcare workers. To evaluate the use of intelligent systems in the improvement of patient care, an agent was developed to regulate ICU patient sedation. A temporal differencing form of reinforcement learning was used to train the agent in the administration of intravenous propofol in simulated ICU patients...

    Brett L. Mooreet al. Intelligent Control of Closed-Loop Sedation in Simulated ICU Patients

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