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Machine Vision
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    • Machine vision is a continuously growing area of research dealing with processing and analyzing of image data. It plays a key role in the development of intelligent systems. The mission of the MV group is to carry out leading edge, long term research on machine vision technology, with an aim of bringing the results of the research close to applications. The research on machine vision focuses on methods and systems for analyzing images and image sequences...

    Matti Pietikäinenet al. MACHINE VISION GROUP (MVG)

    • Machine vision is a useful robotic sensor since it mimics the human sense of vision and allows for non -contact measurement of the environment...

    C D'Souzaet al. Simulation of Object Recognition by a Robot

    • Machine vision is a branch of artificial intelligence aimed at extracting useful information from images. Vision techniques have typically been applied to images acquired by cameras, but recent research efforts have seen novel algorithms work with paintings. Promising results have been obtained which cast a new light on the debate regarding the way traditional paintings were created. The author believes that only a careful scientific analysis of each painting can provide meaningful answers to the debate...

    Antonio Criminisi. Machine Vision: the Answer to the Optical Debate?

    • Machine vision is a useful method for segmentation of different objects in agricultural applications, especially shape recognition methods, but it has more difficulty for weed detection due to leaves occlusion and their overlaps. Many indices have been investigated by researchers to perform weed segmentation based on color information of the images. In this study the relation between three main components (red, green & blue) of the images, which constitute the true color of different plants have been extracted from image data using discriminant analysis...

    ABDOLABBAS JAFARIet al. Weed Detection in Sugar Beet Fields Using Machine Vision

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