Magnetic Levitation

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Magnetic Levitation
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    • Magnetic levitation is a technique to suspend an object without any support other than that of a magnetic field. The technique finds application in various fields where friction or abrasion between metallic surfaces (like bearings) or products of friction are detrimental to the environment or to the rubbing surfaces themselves. In a simple configuration, an electromagnet is used to lift up a ferromagnetic object and the gravity pulls down the object...

    Mrunal Deshpandeet al. A Novel Displacement Sensor for Magnetic Levitation

    • Magnetic levitation is a fundamental requirement for implementing a magnetic bearing (MB). In a magnetic bearing system, it provides a contact-free support for the rotating shaft. This is achieved through an attractive magnetic levitation force, produced by passing current(s) through electromagnet(s). The magnetic force is controlled with the help of adjustable current by implementing a control system. The gap between stator and rotor is measured with a position sensor and is used as a means of controlling the levitation force of the magnetic bearing...

    Gourab Sen Guptaet al. Embedded Microcontroller Based Magnetic Levitation

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