Method Validation

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Method Validation
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    • Method validation is an important requirement in the practice of pesticide residue analysis and is the process of verifying that a method is fit for its purpose. To make a correct decision on the validity of the method, the following method performance parameters have to be taken into consideration: scope, specificity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, linear range, accuracy, precision, repeatability, reproducibility, recovery, ruggedness and robustness...

    Osman Tiryaki. Method validation for the analysis of pesticide residues in grain by t...

    • Method validation is a process that demonstrates that a method will successfully meet or exceed the minimum standards recommended in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance for accuracy, precision, selectivity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and stability. This article discusses the validation of bioanalytical methods for small molecules with emphasis on chromatographic techniques...

    Thaddeus H. Graselaet al. Informatics: The fuel for pharmacometric analysis

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