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Motor Learning
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    • Motor learning can be defined as the information processing adaptations necessary for a system to achieve advantageous control over its relationship to its physical environment. For convenience, such learning is divided into two major processes: (1) perfection of the subsystem organization necessary to convert highly coded command sequences into the multitudinous signals necessary to the efficient utilization of musculature or other effectors, etc., and (2) the development of the control capabilities necessary for the timely generation of effective coded command sequences...

    Gene R. Bussey. Computer experiments in motor learning

    • Motor learning is a complicated process resulting in the acquisition of new and, after practice, relatively permanent motor skills. There are three stages to motor learning. The first stage is called the cognitive stage and involves a person learning exactly what is required to perform a particular task and exactly how to perform that task correctly.1 In this stage of learning, feedback is essential if the motor task is to be reproduced precisely...

    Pauline E. Chiarelliet al. Exercise, Feedback, and Biofeedback

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