Multicast Routing

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Multicast Routing
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    • Multicast routing is an effective way to communicate among multiple hosts in a network. It outperforms the basic broadcast strategy by sharing resources along general links, while sending information to a set of predefined multiple destinations concurrently. However, it is vulnerable to component failure in ad hoc network due to the lack of redundancy, multiple paths and multicast tree structure...

    Chien-hung Liuet al. A Near-optimal Multicast Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using a Hyb...

    • Multicast routing is the process for establishing a tree which is rooted from the source node and contains all the multicast destinations. A multicast routing tree with multiple QoS constraints is the one in which the delay, delay jitter, packet loss and bandwidth should satisfy the pre-specified bounds...

    Li Layuanet al. A Multicast Routing Protocol with Multiple QoS Constraints

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