Multimedia Information Retrieval

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Multimedia Information Retrieval - MIR
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    • Multimedia information retrieval is an inherently interactive process. When the user enters a conceptual query, that is, a specification of some information need in terms of abstract concepts, there may be many alternative ways of interpreting the query...

    Ulrich Thielet al. Dialogue Strategies for Multimedia Retrieval: Intertwining Abductive R...

    • Multimedia information retrieval is a highly diverse field. A variety of data types, research problems, methodologies are involved. Researchers in the field come from very different disciplines, ranging from mathematical and physical sciences, computational sciences and engineering, to application domains. The panel, consisting of highly visible active researchers from both academia and the industry, opens a discussion on the importance of diversity to the healthy growth of the field...

    James Ze Wanget al. Diversity in multimedia information retrieval research

    • Multimedia information retrieval is a challenging p roblem because multimedia information is not inherently st ructured. Jabber is an experimental system that attemp ts to bring some structure to this task. Jabber allows us ers to retrieve records of videoconferences based upon the concepts discussed...

    John Komineket al. Accessing multimedia through concept clustering

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