Orientation Selectivity

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Orientation Selectivity
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    • Orientation selectivity is an important emergent property of neurons in the primary visual cortex, and inhibition is thought to play an important role in establishing this selectivity...

    G. Liet al. GABA-mediated inhibition correlates with orientation selectivity in pr...

    • Orientation selectivity is the most striking feature of simple cell coding in V1 which has been shown to emerge from the reduction of higher-order correlations in natural images in a large variety of statistical image models. The most parsimonious one among these models is linear Independent Component Analysis (ICA), whereas second-order decorrelation transformations such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) do not yield oriented filters. Because of this finding it has been suggested that the emergence of orientation selectivity may be explained by higher-order redundancy reduction...

    Jan Eichhornet al. Natural Image Coding in V1: How Much Use is Orientation Selectivity?

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