Parallel Virtual Machine

PVM,Parallel Virtual Machine,PARALLEL VIRTUAL MACHINES,Parallelism Virtual Machines

Parallel Virtual Machine - PVM
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    • The Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) system is a software framework that enables heterogeneous concurrent computing in heterogeneous environments. Since its conception in 1989, it has evolved into a very popular and widely used platform for cluster and network computing. The programming model supported by PVM, straightforward formulation of the API, robust portable implementations, and timeliness have all played an important role in PVM's impact on high performance computing...

    Vaidy S. Sunderam. The PVM System: Status, Trends, and Directions

    • Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a software package that integrates a heterogeneous network of computers to form a single parallel/concurrent computing facility [2]. PVM consists of two parts: a run-time server and a set of library functions. A user sets up a hostfile that lists the names of the hosts constituting the parallel virtual machine (pvm)...

    Liwei Liet al. The CL-PVM package

    • Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a software system that enables concurrent computing, based on the message-passing paradigm, in heterogeneous environments...

    Alan T. Krantzet al. An RPC Facility for PVM

    • Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a widely-used software system that allows a heterogeneous set of parallel and serial UNIX-based computers to be programmed as a single message-passing parallel machine...

    Jeremy Casaset al. MPVM: A Migration Transparent Version of PVM

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