,pichia pastoris,Pichia pastori

pichia pastoris
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    • Pichia pastoris is an important eukaryotic organism for the expression, processing, and secretion of recombinant proteins. Here, the secretion of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) in P. pastoris by using three novel secretion signals originating from the HFBI and HFBII class 2 hydrophobins of Trichoderma reesei was investigated. EGFP was fused to the carboxyl terminus of hydrophobin secretion signals and expressed under the control of the constitutive GAP promoter. In every case, recombinant EGFP entered the secretory pathway of P...

    Kirsten Kottmeieret al. Hydrophobin signal sequence mediates efficient secretion of recombinan...

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