points-to analysis

,points-to analysis,points to analysis,point to analysis

points-to analysis
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    • Points-to analysis is a critical component of optimization and software engineering tools. A higher degree of precision in this analysis can signican tly benet such tools if it can be provided with a reasonably bounded analysis cost. The focus of this work is to enable a fully context-sensitive modular points-to analysis under the o w-insensitive and inclusionbased intraprocedural setting. Such a modular approach reduces the interprocedural problem to a series of intraprocedural ones...

    Hong-Seok Kimet al. Compaction Algorithm for Precise Modular Context-Sensitive Points-to A...

    • Points-to analysis is a prerequisite of program verification and static analysis on Java programs. It is known that call graph is typically constructed on-the-fly when points-to analysis proceeds for a better precision...

    Xin Liet al. An Ahead-of-time Yet Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java

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