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Preventive Maintenance - PM
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    • Preventive maintenance (PM) is an effective approach for reliability enhancement. Time-based and condition-based maintenance are two major approaches for PM. In contrast, condition-based maintenance can be a better and more cost-effective type of maintenance than time-based maintenance. However, irrespective of the approach adopted for PM, whether a failure can be detected early or even predicted is the key point...

    S. K. Yang. A condition-based failure-prediction and processing-scheme for prevent...

    • Preventive maintenance (PM) is the maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals or according to prescribed criteria and intended to reduce the probability of failure or the degradation of the functioning of an item. When designing maintenance policies for complex systems, a common process is to adopt a top-down methodology : selection of a maintenance strategy such as RCM (reliability centered maintenance), TPM (total productive maintenance), and RBM (risk based maintenance), and then selection of maintenance policy such as condition-based maintenance and PM...

    Shaomin Wu. Preventive Maintenance Models: A Review

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