Projection Pursuit

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Projection Pursuit - PP
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    • Projection pursuit (PP) is an interesting concept, which has been found in many applications. It uses a so-called projection index (PI) as a criterion to seek directions that may lead to interesting findings for data analysts. Unlike the principal components analysis (PCA), which uses variance as a measure to find directions that maximizes data variances, the PI used by the PP finds interesting directions that can be characterized by statistics higher than variance. As a result, the PCA is generally considered as a special case of PP with the PI particularly specified by the variance...

    Gregory Solyaret al. Endmember generation by projection pursuit

    • Projection pursuit is a technique for locating projections from highto low-dimensional space that reveal interesting non-linear features of a data set, such as clustering and outliers. The two key components of projection pursuit are the chosen measure of interesting features (the projection index) and its algorithm...

    Guodong Huiet al. Projection pursuit via white noise matrices

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