Relative Growth Rate

RGR,Relative Growth Rate,relative growth rates

Relative Growth Rate - RGR
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Stemming Variations: relative growth rates
Cumulative Annual
    • Relative growth rate (RGR) is a fundamental trait for comparative plant ecology but cannot be measured in situ, leading to problems in interpreting vegetation function. However, the components of RGR (net assimilation rate (NAR), leaf area ratio (LAR), leaf weight ratio (LWR), and specific leaf area (SLA)) can be calculated for wild plants from morphological measurements (leaf area, leaf dry mass, whole plant dry mass), which potentially reflect RGR. Seeds of 19 species from Italian prealpine calcareous grasslands were collected and seedlings were cultivated under controlled conditions...

    R. M. Cerianiet al. Are morpho-functional traits reliable indicators of inherent relative ...

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