Biological Treatment

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Biological Treatment
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    • Biological treatment is an emerging and prevalent technology for treating off-gases from wastewater treatment plants. The most commonly reported odorous compound in off-gases is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which has a very low odor threshold. A self-designed, bench-scale, cross-flow horizontal biotrickling filter (HBF) operated with bacteria immobilized activated carbon (termed biological activated carbon—BAC), was applied for the treatment of H2S...

    Huiqi Duanet al. Treatment of H 2 S using a horizontal biotrickling filter based on bio...

    • Biological treatment is an emerging technology for the treatment of publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) off-gases. Most of POTWs off-gases contain H2S and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since co-treatment of odors and VOCs in biotrickling filters is a relatively unexplored area, the simultaneous biotreatment of H 2S and toluene (as the model VOC) was investigated. The experimental setup included two identical biotrickling filters, one operated at pH 4.5 and the other one was operated at pH 7.0...

    Huub H. J. Coxet al. Co-treatment of H 2 S and toluene in a biotrickling filter

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