Revenue Management

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Revenue Management - RM
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    • Revenue Management (RM) is an important tool for matc hing supply and demand by segmenting customers into different segments based on their willingness-to-pa y and allocating scarce capacity to the different s egments in a way that maximizes firm revenues...

    Danna Liang. Analysis of Revenue Management Performance in the Hotel Industry

    • Revenue management is a large and growing practice in industry. It involves much of what economists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians know and love: statistics, optimization, demand modeling and algorithm design. And strategic behavior is clearly of central importance to many pricing decisions. Despite all this, game theory is rarely used in revenue management practice...

    Garrett van Ryzin. Game theory and the practice of revenue management

    • Revenue management is the collection of strategies and tactics firms use to scientifically manage demand for their products and services. The practice has grown from its origins in airlines to its status today as a mainstream business practice in a wide range of industry areas, including hospitality, energy, fashion retail, and manufacturing. This article provides an introduction to this increasingly important subfield of operations research, with an emphasis on use of simulation...

    Kalyan T. Talluriet al. Revenue management: Models and methods

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