Service Orientation

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Service Orientation
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    • Service orientation is a means for integrating across diverse systems. Each resource, whether an application, system, or trading partner, can be accessed as a service. The resulting architecture, often referred to as SOA, has been an important enabler for interorganizational processes. Apart from technological issues that need to be addressed, it is important that all parties involved in such processes agree on the "rules of engagement"...

    Wil M. P. Van Der Aalstet al. From Public Views to Private Views: Correctness-by-Design for Services

    • Service orientation is a promising paradigm for offering and consuming functionalities within and across organizations. Ever increasing acceptance of service oriented architectures in combination with the acceptance of the Web as a platform for carrying out electronic business triggers a need for automated methods to find appropriate Web services. Various formalisms for discovery of semantically described services with varying expressivity and complexity have been proposed in the past...

    Martin Junghanset al. Towards Practical Semantic Web Service Discovery

    • Service orientation is a new software engineering paradigm that introduces opportunities as well as challenges...

    Ervin Ramollariet al. A Survey of Service Oriented Development Methodologies

    • Service-orientation is a new paradigm that is emerging for the development of distributed and scalable applications. It is based on objectoriented and component-based paradigms, in which the services (autonomous platform-independent computational elements that can be described, published, discovered and accessed over the Internet using standard protocols) are the new elements for development and reuse. Service oriented applications are largely distributed and dynamic, structured as a set of services interfaces with little knowledge about the quality attributes of their implementations...

    Eliane Martinset al. Desafios na construção e validação da robustez de aplicações orientada...

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