Silicon On Insulator

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Silicon On Insulator - SOI
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    • Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) is an enabling technology for nanoscale devices. Already in use as the basis for today's most advanced devices, SOI is expected to be adopted even more widely in the future...

    Roland Brunet al. VOC & Metallic Contaminant Control For SOI Process Monitoring

    • Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) is a very interesting material system for highly integrated photonic circuits. The high refractive index contrast allows photonic waveguides and waveguide components with submicron dimensions to guide, bend and control light on a very small scale so that various functions can be integrated on a chip. Moreover, SOI offers a flexible platform for integration with surface plasmon based components which in turn allows for even higher levels of miniaturization...

    Peter Debackereet al. Si based waveguide and surface plasmon sensors

    • Silicon on Insulator is an ideal platform for largescale nanophotonic integration...

    Wim Bogaertset al. Silicon nanophotonic waveguide circuits and devices

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