Site-specific Recombination

,Site-specific Recombination,site specific recombination,Site specific recombinations,site specific recombinational,site specific recombin

Site-specific Recombination
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    • Site-specific recombination is an important cellular process that yields a variety of knotted and catenated DNA products on supercoiled circular DNA...

    Karin Valenciaet al. Predicting Knot and Catenane Type of Products of Site-specific Recombi...

    • Site-specific recombination is a reaction in which a pair of genetically defined sites undergoes reciprocal exchange (“crossing-over”) via a recombinase-mediated DNA breakage and joining process. Such reactions have a wide range of biological outcomes, from integration and excision of virus genomes into and out of host chromosomes, to acquisition of novel genes and drug resistance, and even facilitating bacterial chromosome segregation. Two distinct families of recombinases exist, designated by their active site residues...

    Ian Graingeet al. Site-specific recombination

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