Sliding Mode Control

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Sliding Mode Control - SMC
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    • Sliding Mode Control is a powerful nonlinear control technique that has been intensively developed during the last 35 years [1],[2]. The sliding mode controller drives the system state to a ‘custom-built’ sliding (switching) surface and constrains the state to this surface thereafter. A system motion on a sliding surface, named a sliding mode, is robust with respect to matched disturbances and uncertainties but may be sensitive to unmatched ones. The sliding mode design approach usually consists of two steps [1],[2]...

    Leonid Fridmanet al. Sliding Mode Multimodel Control

    • Sliding mode control (SMC) is a powerful and robust control method. SMC methods have been widely studied in the last three decades from theoretical concepts to industrial applications [1]-[3]. Higher-order sliding mode controllers have recently been addressed to improve the system responses [1]...

    Ali J. Koshkoueiet al. Flatness, Backstepping and Sliding Mode Controllers for Nonlinear Syst...

    • Sliding mode control is a very popular robust control method owing to its ease of design and robustness to “matched” disturbances. However, full state information is required in the controller design which is a drawback since in most practical applications only the output measurement is available. To solve this problem, focus was placed on output feedback based sliding mode control [1][6]. Two approaches arose: a design based on observers to construct the missing states, [3],[4], the other design focused on using only the output measurement, [1],[2]...

    Xu Jian-Xinet al. Output Tracking with Discrete-Time Integral Sliding Mode Control

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