Structure Optimization

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Structure Optimization
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    • Structural optimization is an important area related to both optimization and structural engineering. Structural optimization problems are often used as benchmarks to validate new optimization algorithms or to test the suitability of a chosen algorithm. In almost all structural engineering applications, it is very important to find the best possible parameters for given design objectives and constraints which are highly non-linear, involving many different design variables...

    Amir Hossein Gandomiet al. Benchmark Problems in Structural Optimization

    • Structural optimization is a field of research that has experienced noteworthy growth for many years. Researchers in this area have developed optimization tools to successfully design and model structures, typically minimizing mass while maintaining certain deflection and stress constraints. Numerous optimization studies have been performed to minimize mass, deflection, and stress on a benchmark cantilever truss problem. Predominantly, traditional optimization theory is applied to this problem...

    Patrick V. Hullet al. Evolutionary optimization of a geometrically refined truss

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