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System Security
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    • System security is a key technology to the development and deployment of IT applications and services in a growing global network. Security is critical at various levels of the system. However, security solutions typically address a very specific vulnerability with little relation to the larger picture of secure information systems. Organisations have successfully implemented these solutions without knowing if all security requirements have been met or what impact these solutions have on other parts of the information system...


    • System security is an ongoing struggle between system designers and the hacking community. Human creativity within this community pushes software into areas never anticipated by the designers, thus revealing weaknesses. Evolutionary algorithms offer designers a new way to examine the viability of their code. Because of the use of randomness as well as direction based on evaluation, these algorithms help to simulate some aspects of the human creative process...

    Jörg Denzingeret al. Using Evolutionary Learning of Behavior to Find Weaknesses in Operatin...

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