Systematic Review

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Systematic Review
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    • A systematic review is a carefully planned and conducted study designed to answer a specific focused clinical question. A systematic review differs from the frequently encountered narrative review article. Systematic review must be completed using a prespecified methodology...

    Dereck L. Huntet al. How to read a systematic review

    • Systematic review is a type of research that attempts to identify and summarize all of the evidence related to a specific research question...

    Stephen Bentet al. The use of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in infection control a...

    • Systematic review is a method to identify, assess and analyse published primary studies to investigate research questions...

    Mark Stapleset al. Experiences using systematic review guidelines

    • Systematic reviews are defined as convenient evidential summaries for clinicians which serve as a powerful tool for patient care decisions. They are considered to be the basis for guidelines of medical practice suggesting directions for new research. These scientific reviews, constructed through well-defined methods, have key role in Evidence-Informed Health Care which means to apply new therapies and treatments, which are proved to be effective for a particular treatment by authentic and quality researches, in clinical practice...

    Hydrie MZet al. Systematic Reviews and their role in Evidence - Informed Health Care

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