,Taste Bud,taste buds

Taste Bud
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    • A taste bud is a sensory organ and consists of 50–100 spindle-shaped cells. The cells function as taste acceptors. They have characteristics of both epithelial and neuronal cells. A taste bud contains four types of cells, type I, type II, type III cells, and basal cells. Taste buds were isolated from a tongue of a p53-deficient mouse at day 12, and 11 clonal taste bud (TBD) cell lines were established. In immunochemical analysis, all cell lines expressed cytokeratin 18, gustducin, T1R3, and neural cellular adhesion molecule, but not GLAST...

    Hideyuki Sakoet al. Establishment of clonal cell lines of taste buds from a p53 −/− mouse ...

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