Temperature Control

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Temperature Control
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    • Temperature control is an important requirement for modern computer systems, especially for laptops and small form-factor desktops with limited choices for active cooling. Hardware approaches to thermal management include the use of clock gating and dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. However, the indiscriminate use of these techniques can hamper performance of all processes running on a system regardless of their individual contributions to the thermal output...

    Mark Bidewell. Software-based dynamic thermal management for Linux systems

    • Temperature control is an important issue inmany manufacturing processes. The requirementfor high precision, fast reaction to disturbances,time delays of varying length due to considerablychanging characteristics of the respective productionprocess make it a challenging application field forthe improvement and development of reinforcementlearning techniques. The article shows some firstresults on the application of a neural reinforcementlearning controller to a thermostat control...

    Martin Riedmiller. High Quality Thermostat Control by Reinforcement Learning - A Case Stu...

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