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    • The Czech Republic is a central European country whose geographical location, natural conditions, history of human settlement, and present land-use management make it relatively prone to plant invasions, hence it represents a convenient model for their study. Research in plant invasions, which date to the late 19th century, is reviewed in the present paper. A long-term floristic tradition allowed for the accumulation of a large body of floristic data on alien plants...

    Petr Pyšeket al. Research into Plant Invasions in a Crossroads Region: History and Focu...

    • Czech Republic is a country of many mineral and thermal springs. Studies of mineral waters including chemical and radiochemical analyses have been conducted in Czechoslovakia for a long time. Company Aquatest-Stavební geologie (AQ) took part in these activities since early 1960s —new capture of springs, survey drillings, proposition of protective zones...

    Z. Krejbichová. Radioactivity of mineral waters in Bohemia

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