Built Environment

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Built Environment
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    • Built environment is a manifestation of the technological innovation. The way technologies are applied in design and construction of buildings, have direct implications on the amount of energy consumed. In modern context buildings represent enclosed, isolated boxes/systems where environment is artificially controlled...

    D. Vyas. Traditional Indian architecture - The future solar buildings

    • The “built environment” is the part of the environment designed and constructed by humans; it includes buildings, neighborhoods, sporting facilities, roadways, and vehicles. It is thus a logical but often overlooked fact that the built environment can be modified to help prevent both unintentional injuries, such as young children falling from balconies, and violent injuries, such as injuries incurred during an armed robbery. Improved safety codes in the United States have made fi re-related injuries in public places very rare...

    Catherine E. Stauntonet al. Changing the Built Environment to Prevent Injury

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