User Interface Design

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User Interface Design
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    • User interface design is a complex activity, which makes it dicult to control and master. A well designed user interface can be seen as one where designers have correctly mapped the application domain onto the solution domain. This mapping, or bridge, may be helped or hindered by the design methodology and the success of any software engineering methodology depends on how good a bridge it provides between the application domain and the solution domain...

    Jennifer Ferreiraet al. The Semiotics of Usage-Centred Design

    • User interface design is a well-established and emerging field in software engineering. Part of a broader field known as human computer interaction, it deals with the planning, design, and study of how users interact with computer systems. As computer systems continue to pervade our every-day lives, the design of these interfaces have become increasingly important and relevant. Whether on a voting machine on Election Day or a kiosk at a hospital, user interfaces have a real and tangible impact on products, society, and people's lives...

    Nora Apselet al. USER INTERFACE DESIGN

    • User interface design is a multidisciplinary field at the crossroads between software engineering, computer science, psychology and cognitive science. HCI pattern writers focus on usability and human aspects of the interface...

    Ashraf Gaffaret al. HCI pattern semantics in XML: a pragmatic approach

    • User interface design is a complex task within the development of interactive software, and not sufficiently supported in general software development...

    Hans-werner Gellersen. Software Engineering Meets Human-Computer Interaction: Integrating Use...

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