Calculus of Variation

,Calculus of Variation,calculus of variations

Calculus of Variation
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    • The calculus of variations is an effective technique for attacking many problems in the theory of conformal and quasiconformal (q.c.) mapping. Typically, one asks for the maximum of a continuous functional defined on a compact family of functions. By subjecting an extremal function for the problem to variations within the family, one is led to a differential relation that restricts the extremal function. With this information one attempts to characterize the extremal function and to determine the maximum value of the functional...

    M. Schifferet al. The dielectric Green's function and quasiconformal mapping

    • The calculus of variations is a classical subject which has gain throughout the last three hundred years a level of rigor and elegance that only time can give...

    Rui A. C. Ferreiraet al. Remarks on the calculus of variations on time scales

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