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    • Adaptive noise cancellation is a significant research issue in multimedia signal processing, which is a widely used technique in teleconference systems, hands-free mobile communications, acoustical echo and feedback cancellation and so on. For the purpose of implementing real-time applications in nonlinear environments, an online self-enhanced fuzzy filter for solving adaptive noise cancellation is proposed. The proposed online self-enhanced fuzzy filter is based on radial-basis-function networks and functionally is equivalent to the Takagi-Sugeno-Kang fuzzy system...

    Meng Joo Erlet al. Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Online Self-Enhanced Fuzzy Filters w...

    • Adaptive Noise cancelling is a speech-specific filtering technique to suppress additive interference. It is a sensible choice for speech-orientated devices in situations where the designer has no knowledge of the properties of interference that could potentially corrupt the input speech to a point beyond intelligibility...

    J. Timoney. VLSI Implementation of an Adaptive Noise Canceller

    • Adaptive noise cancellation is a technique of estimating the signals corrupted by additive noise...

    M. RADHIKAet al. Architecture design for Adaptive Noise Cancellation

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