Cerebral Blood Flow

CBF,Cerebral Blood Flow,cerebral blood flows

Cerebral Blood Flow - CBF
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    • Cerebral blood flow (CBF) oscillation is a common feature of several physiological and pathophysiological states of the brains. In this study the characterization of the temporal pattern of the cerebral circulation has been analyzed. The classification of CBF signals has been carried out by two different classification methods neural network and support vector machine employing spectral and wavelet analysis as feature extraction techniques...

    Balázs Benyóet al. Classification of Cerebral Blood Flow Oscillation

    • The cerebral blood flow (CBF) is an important vital parameter in neurointensive care...

    R. Mudraet al. Near-infrared spectroscopy extended with indocyanine green dye dilutio...

    • Cerebral blood flow (CBF) is the key factor for identifying progressive hypoperfusion that is indicative of numerous pathological conditions. CBF measurement is beneficial for the management of cerebrovascular disease, head injury, and intracranial neoplasms...

    David Metteet al. Cerebral Blood Flow Measurement in Neurosurgery

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