Chromosomal Instability

,Chromosomal Instability,chromosome instability,chromosomal instabilities,chromosome instabilities

Chromosomal Instability
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    • Chromosomal instability is a common feature of human tumors, including oral cancer. Although a tumor karyotype may remain quite stable over time, chromosomal instability can lead to 'variations on a theme' of a clonal cell population, often with each cell within a tumor possessing a different karyotype. Thus, chromosomal instability appears to be an important acquired feature of tumor cells, since propagation of such a diverse cell population may facilitate evasion of standard therapies...

    S. C. Reshmiet al. Chromosomal Instability in Oral Cancer Cells

    • Chromosomal instability is a hallmark of cancer. The results of this instability can be observed in the karyotypes of many cancerous genomes, which often contain a variety of aberrations...

    Michal Ozery-Flatoet al. On the frequency of genome rearrangement events in cancer karyotypes

    • Chromosomal instability is a known hallmark of many cancers. DNA polymerases represent a group of enzymes that are involved in the mechanism of chromosomal instability as they have a central function in DNA metabolism...

    Verena Varadiet al. Genetic variation in genes encoding for polymerase ζ subunits associat...

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