Cognitive Science

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Cognitive Science
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    • Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary research endeavor focusing on human cognitive phenomena such as memory, language use, and reasoning. It emerged in the second half of the 20th century and is charting new directions at the beginning of the 21st century. This chapter begins by identifying the disciplines that contribute to cognitive science and reviewing the history of the interdisciplinary engagements that characterize it...

    William Bechtelet al. Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences

    • Cognitive science is the scientific domain which studies, analyses, simulates and infers for various aspects, functions and procedures of human mentality such as, thinking, logic, language, knowledge, memory, learning, perception and the ability to solve problems. E-psychology is in a close relation with the cognitive science domain, but expands beyond it, as e-psychology is the efficient convergence of Psychology and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)...

    Athanasios Drigaset al. Psychology in the ICT Era: Electronic Psychology

    • Cognitive Science is the study of intelligent systems. Methodologies for their study abound. Bechtel and Graham (1998) devote over 120 pages in describing 10 methodologies for the study of mind. In sharp contrast Wilson and Keil (1999) have not a single entry on this topic. From the system science perspective, (e.g., Delgado 1993), the interrelated consideration of the deductive, inductive and experimental approaches is a must for the study of mind...

    Petros A. M. Gelepithis. An Axiomatic Approach to the Study of Mind

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