Adaptive Dynamics

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Adaptive Dynamics
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    • Adaptive Dynamics is an eective mathematical framework for dealing with long term biological evolution in "realistic" ecological settings. It diers from more classical approaches to modelling evolutionary change that assume constant fitnesses, by its focus on the population dynamical basis for those fitnesses, and hence on their inevitable change over evolutionary time...

    A. J. Metet al. On the Canonical Equation of Adaptive Dynamics

    • Adaptive dynamics (AD) is a recently developed framework geared towards making the transition from micro-evolution to long-term evolution based on a time scale separation approximation. This assumption allows defining the fitness of a mutant as the rate constant of initial exponential growth of the mutant population in the environment created by the resident community dynamics...

    J. A. J. Hans Metz. Thoughts on the Geometry of Meso-evolution: Collecting Mathematical El...

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