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Shape Memory Effect - SME
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    • The shape-memory effect is a phenomenon wherein an apparently plastically deformed specimen recovers all strain when heated above a critical temperature. This is observed in some crystalline solids that undergo martensitic phase transformation...

    Kaushik Bhattacharya. Self-accommodation in martensite

    • The shape memory effect is a visually striking phenomenon, whereby a material is able to recover its initial shape after significant deformation by heating past the material's transformation temperature. In the case of shape memory alloys, the effect arises from a thermally-induced atomic-level structural change. This solid-state phase change is known as a martensitic transformation and occurs in a wide variety of metal alloys, including NiTi. In our research, a series of nanoindentations were made on NiTi shape memory alloy thin films at mN load levels with a Berkovich indenter...

    W. C. Croneet al. Shape Recovery after Nanoindentation of NiTi Thin Films

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