Compressive Sampling

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Compressive Sampling - CS
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    • Compressive sampling (CoSa) is a new paradigm for developing data sampling technologies. It is based on the principle that many types of vector-space data are compressible, which is a term of art in mathematical signal processing. The key ideas are that randomized dimension reduction preserves the information in a compressible signal and that it is possible to develop hardware devices that implement this dimension reduction efficiently. The main computational challenge in CoSa is to reconstruct a compressible signal from the reduced representation acquired by the sampling device...

    Deanna Needellet al. CoSaMP: iterative signal recovery from incomplete and inaccurate sampl...

    • Compressive sampling is a novel framework that exploits sparsity of a signal in a transform domain to perform sampling below the Nyquist rate...

    Vladimir Stankovicet al. COMPRESSIVEVIDEOSAMPLING

    • Compressive sampling is a sampling technique for sparse signals. The advantage of compressive sampling is that signals are compactly represented by a few number of measured values...

    Ping-Man Lamet al. Lagrange Programming Neural Networks for Compressive Sampling

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